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Recording Artist, Performer, Producer and  Composer.

AL-PHA-X released his first album “Gravity” with Bardelune Records and then set up his own label in 2004, AL-PHA-X Recordings and released a further four albums “Missing Link”  “A Plea For Sanity” , "Sahara" and "The Early Experiments". He then later joined I-label and released “Slow Down“, "AL-PHA-X Re-mixed” and most recently "Envelope".

Declan’s music has been extensively licensed to various labels and has appeared on many compilation albums worldwide including the Buddha Bar, Le Cafe Abstrait and Futuro Flamenco  compilations.

His music has also been used in many visual productions across the world from Film to TV. For example “Smallville","Orange Is The New Black" and "Paris Manhattan".

The AL-PHA-X sound can only be described as total musical eclecticism from Cinematic sound scapes to Electonica and everything in between with genre bending and merging of styles such as World, Nu-Soul,Dub,Glitch, Folktronica , Electronica, Nu-Jazz and Classical influences.


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